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Waitlist or Seasonal Limits

1. Click on the Program you wish to set to set the rule.
2. Click Manage its Season
3. Next Click on the Season Structure Tab
4. Edit the Top Level or the Name of the Season.

5. Click on Season Eligibility Tab
6. Set your rules.

When the Season or a Seasonal Grouping's registration count reaches its limit:” choose “Any additional registrations will be charged for, and added to the Waitlist.” Or, The Season or Seasonal Grouping will be and not visible to eligible registrants Set your Total Registrations for Said Program which Supersides the Group Level Limit.

  1. Click “Save” to save your changes or click “Cancel” to cancel all changes
  2. The settings to create a “Waitlist” are now complete
  3. Anyone on the waitlist will now appear on the “Registration Management” tab with the registration status as “WAITLIST”