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Tip of the Week: Sending Invitations

As tryouts begin to wind down, many organizations will be sending out player invitations. Use these tips for sending yours out successfully:

First, invitations can be setup at the different levels:

  1. One invite list for the entire season
  2. Separate invite lists for any grouping in the structure (you can have a mix of some groups that are invite-only and other that are open to the public, based on eligibility
  3. Invitations at the team level (if team invites are turned ON, ALL teams will be invite only). NOTE: if Team Invitations are turned on, any grouping in the structure that does not have teams setup will be open to the public, based on eligibility.
  1. Click the blue edit button where you want to set invitations and click Invitation Only ON. 
  2. If using Team Invitations, you can add a fee to the team's registration. NOTE: this fee will be in addition to any other season fees that have been setup.
  3. Click the green Invite Player button to add players
  1. Select the Competition/Program from where you want to invite players
  2. Select the season from where you want to invite players
  3. Check the players you wish to invite (Note: the list of players can be sorted or filtered, or you can search for a specific player by name or registration number.
  4. Click Add to List

  • Click save to add players to the invite list.
  • NOTE: the invitation status will be "unsent" until you send the invite email OR manually edit the response status from Unsent to Invited.  
  1. To send the invitation email, click the orange icon next to the team
  2. Choose Email to Invitees recipient option to send the invites to those in an unsent status
  3. The Demosphere invite template will auto-populate. If you would like to use your own template, click the Clone from Template option.
  4. Send the email to create the invitations for your players.

Players who accept their invitation will be auto-placed on the team. Admins will receive emails for any players who decline. At any time, Admins can view invitation status by viewing the invite list. The invite fields are also available in Report Builder. Lastly, if Team Staff has been added to the team roster, those staff members can login to view the status of their team invites and rosters.


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