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Custom Data: Club Team Staff

The Data Reporting & Management dashboard includes a new data category, titled Club Team Staff, under the Custom Data Management tab.

Selecting Club Team Staff provides related Custom Data Attributes management. 

Custom Attributes are included in the Configure Table Data dialog on the Individual Club Management page under the Club Team Staff Pool tab.

Saved values for Custom Attributes are displayed in the DataGrid table if the columns have been selected.


Custom Attributes are included in the Add Team Staff to Seasonal Club Pool dialog.


In addition, the Custom Attributes titles and saved values are now displayed in the top "content bubble" on the Individual Club Team Staff Management page. Custom Attributes are included in the Edit Team Staff dialog.


Within Report Builder, there is a new sub-category called "Club Team Staff" under Club Registrations. Selecting Club Team Staff requires Site Administrators to identify which Seasonal Scope they wish to report on.

The system will provide the following Club Team Staff data objects: First Name, Last Name, Team Staff ID, Birthdate, Gender, Roles, Seasonal Club Teams, Email, Phone, Household Name, Street Address, City, State, ZIP, and Country.

Selecting the Custom Data data object provides a list of related Custom Data Attribute titles within the Report Filters.