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Uploading Images

Click on the green Add Content button to begin creating content on your site. A pop-up window will appear asking you to select between the different content items. Click on the Image option to begin.

A new pop-up window will appear asking for a title for the image, an image location, and an optional click target.


Clicking on the Image Location button will open up the WebWriter CMS File Manager, which stores all of the image uploads that have been added to the system. You may choose to use one of the images that are already uploaded to the system, or you might want to upload a new image. To add a new photo, click the green Upload File button (top right). Click on the upload you'd like to use and hit Select File.

To Optional Click Target should be used if you would like the image to act as a link when clicked.

Adding Images to Articles

When creating an Article, you might want to include images.

  • First, place the cursor where you'd like the image to appear in your article.
  • Click on the image icon (second row, left) to open up the File Manager window.
  • Click the Browse the Server button.
  • Select one of the images that have already been uploaded to the system or upload a new image with the green Upload Files button.
  • Adjust the image's width, height and alignment of the image. If you'd like text to wrap around your image, set the alignment.


Uploading Images Video Tutorial


Have an additional question about uploading image files? Reach out to Demosphere Support!