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Can I delete my Site Map Deptartments or Sub-Deptartments?

Yes, you do have the ability to delete your site map departments or sub-departments. You can hover over the site map department or sub-department until the red delete icon displays. However, please note the following BEFORE clicking the delete button. 

Important Notes

  • Deleting a site map Department with Sub-Departments nested under it will cause every page in the structure to be deleted. For example, if your Department is 'Travel' with sub-departments in your site map for 'Registration', 'Teams, and 'FAQs' - then all of these pages will also be deleted if you delete the top 'Travel' option. 
  • Deleting anything on your site map will delete all articles, links, AND files uploaded directly on that page.
  • Deleting anything on your site map will not automatically make any navigation or intra-linked areas also delete.

If you're unsure if you're ready to delete a site map department, first try to set the Department or Sub-Departments to 'Pending Public View' mode.