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Adding Content Link

Depending on your template design, there will be a variety of available sections to place content. Click on the green Add Content button in any of the available locations to begin creating content on your site.

A pop-up window will appear asking you to select between the different content items. Click on the Link option to begin.


In the new pop-up window, add in the Link Target URL or upload a file to link.

  • To create an Internal Link, or to link to another page within your website, select the part of the URL following the ".com" and paste that into your link window.
  • To create an External Link, or link to a separate website, copy the entire URL from the separate website and paste it into the link window.
  • To link to a PDF or other file, click the orange Upload/Find Files button. Select from files already uploaded to your system, or upload a new document.

Set the destination link to open in the same window or to open in a new window when it's clicked.