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Remove Your Domain from Safelist

Are you having increased issues with SPAM and/or are emails not being delivered from within your own domain? You may need to remove your domain from the Safelist and Blacklist in Webmail.

1. Log into with your webmail admin username and password. 
2. Find where it says Spam Filtering and then click Edit Safelists
3. Choose the entire domain. 
4. Look in the box titled Safelisted Domains and E-mail Addresses
5. Find and remove (by clicking on the address and then clicking remove) any emails from your own domain including if you have your domain by itself. 
6. Next go back to Edit Safelists and choose each individual e-mail inbox that you have created. 
7. Remove any safelisted emails on these email addresses. Likewise you should make sure afterwards that you have not blacklisted your domain at all as that will make it difficult to receive legitimate emails from within your domain. To check the blacklists choose Edit Blacklists at Step 2.