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Creating Email Aliases

When you create an alias, you are creating an email address that points to an actual email account or accounts.

For example, the alias can point to,, and Each of those recipients (Mary, Joe, and Bill) would receive the message that was sent to

To create an alias, first log into the control panel at and click the Email Accounts link, followed by the Aliases link.

If prompted, select a domain from the list or, to change domains, click the Change Domain link.

Click the Add Alias button and enter a unique alias name in the Alias box.

  • To view a comprehensive list of all email addresses, click the arrow on the Filter drop-down menu and select All.
  • If you would like to view addresses sorted by first letter, select a letter from the list.
  • To search for a specific address enter the username in the Search for Users box and click the Go button. 

Click once on the address you want to add and then click the Add button. The address will appear in the right-hand box.

Repeat this process for each email address you'd like to add to the Alias. 

You can send emails from this alias to up to 50 total email addresses, four of which can be outside of your domain. To add an address outside of your domain, enter it in the Addresses Outside of this Domain section. We do not recommend delivering an alias’ messages to an account outside of your domain because the messages will bypass your domain’s spam filters.