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Custom Data Management

Collect as many files/documents as your organization requires during the registration process - including player birth certificates, insurance cards and more - with custom file uploads.

Under the Data Reporting & Management dashboard, Custom Data Management tab, you will find a list of Data Categories. Each data category displays the corresponding list of Custom Data Attributes. Administrators are able to create new custom attributes by choosing the green Add New Data Attribute button in the upper righthand corner of the table.


Select the Input Type option, titled File UploadFile Upload custom data attributes will appear the same as Text input types - with a label and a text input - when Adding/Editing the Data Category records.


When a registrant clicks into the File Upload input area it will open their local file browser. Selecting a file closes the file browser and lists the file name in the text input. 

Users must click the Save button in the Add/Edit dialog to upload the file. Once the file upload is complete the dialog will close.

The words "View File" are displayed as a link next to the Attribute Title once the file has been uploaded.

Clicking the file name will open a new tab/window with the file. If the file is encrypted and the User if not a Full Admin, the text will not link to the file.