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Public Registration Setup

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Public Registration Setup:

  1. Q: How mobile responsive is the registration system?
    A: The public registration process is responsive to the device on which a member is registering (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.). Over 40% of all registrations completed via the Demosphere system are done on a mobile device.

  2. Q: Is the system accessible and usable on an iphone or ipad?
A: Yes - over 40% of registrations across the Demosphere system are done via mobile device. The process is responsive to the device on which they register.  We also have even more improvements coming in this area as we continue to enhance our solutions.

  3. Q: Is the registration link different for all registrations?
A: No, each organization will have one single registration link for all programs. This will allow parents to register for any/all programs and team invitations in one single transaction, which streamlines the process for your parents and helps reduce the number of transactions and associated fees. Keep in mind, you will control which programs your members can register for with invitations and eligibility to ensure only those people who should register for a specific program can see those programs when they register.

  4. Q: We charge for Fall and Spring, can we do this?
A: Absolutely! Lots of Demosphere users run both Fall and Spring seasons and collect fees for each.
  5. Q: For the tryout setup, do you have to do the full admin setup for both tryouts and the main registration season?

    A: No - each program/season can be configured to collect as little or as much information as needed. In the typical scenario, you will collect the bare minimum information for tryouts (just enough to get people signed up) and then when you invite players to accept their spot on the team, you will collect the bulk of information, especially the data needed to be carded in the Ohio North system.

  6. Q: Does the team invitation email allow parents to accept/decline the player’s spot on the team?
A: Yes - there is a default template with a nice, big Green Accept button and a Rec Decline button to record their response.

  7. Q: So if a player joins the team late, in August do I still send the invite email?
A: Yes, you will still want to invite the player to the team for them to accept and pay the appropriate fee.

  8. Q: Do you have a different version of the registration system for mobile?

    A: There is not a different version of the system, but the system is mobile responsive so parents can register via mobile device. Over 40% of all Demosphere registrations are currently processed via mobile device.

  9. Q: Is the photo they upload during registration the one that will go on their passes?

    A: Yes - it is the same as the profile photo of the player. This can also be updated by the Club/League or State Association, as needed.

  10. Q: Can parents register for more than one program at a time?
A: Yes! And this helps to reduce the number of transactions and associated fees.

  11. Q: Can we charge a fee for the uniform if they elect to order a new one during registration?

    A: Yes, you are able to create fees for each line item and tie them to merchandise questions on the registration form.

  12. Q: Can we collect sizes for uniforms, track jersey numbers and export the data to our uniform provider?

    A: Yes! It makes a lot of sense to collect uniform sizes and/or fees during the registration process so you can track sizes and/or jersey numbers within the system and then do a simple export of the necessary data fields to send to your uniform provider.

  13. Q: Can the team staff view the status of the team invites?
A: Yes! All team staff members assigned to a team will be able to login to their Demosphere dashboard to view invitations and their team roster information.

  14. Q: Can I charge for a tryout?
A: Absolutely - many organizations do charge a small committment fee for attending tryouts.
  15. Q: Where do I put the registration link if i do not have a website?

    A: If your organization does not have a website currently, you can 1). email the public registration link to your members from the system, 2). post the link across your social channels like facebook, twitter, etc. or, 3). you can work with Demosphere to help set up an online presence for your organization.

  16. Q: Will the player go onto the roster when they accept their invitation? 

    A: Yes - as soon as the team invitation is accepted and the initial fee is paid, the player becomes automatically active and rostered on the team.

  17. Q: Is the Lindsay Law form printable by the parents?

    A: Yes, parents can print this right from the registration system.

  18. Q: Is the registration form customizable? 

    A: Yes - you can completely customize the registration form to ask as many or as few questions as desired. 

  19. Q: How do you handle sponsors and donations? 

    A: There are several recommendations on this topic including adding a sponsors page to your Demosphere website, customizing a message to potential sponsors and donors indicating the various programs to which funds will be allocated, turning on the donations feature during registration and posting a donations-only link on your site to encourage donations outside of the registration process.

  20. Q: How many programs can you have open in the registration system?
A: You can have unlimited registration programs open at once.

  21. Q: Does this system have intelligent system coding (i.e. conditional questions based on specific answers)
A: Yes, this can be accomplished on the registration form. As an example, you can ask a question like, “Do you need a uniform” and IF the answer is “yes” you can THEN collect their sizes and charge a fee if needed.

  22. Q: Can we add in unique forms for things like tournaments? 

    A: Yes, you have the ability to add as many custom forms as needed for each program/season.

  23. Q: Can I build teams for an entire season at once?

    A: Yes - you can build teams for an entire season, an entire gender grouping, and entire age grouping, or just one division at a time. You can also provide limited access to other users to assist with the team building for just a subset of your teams.

  24. Q: Can you make eligibility by demographics / district to impact which programs they see?
A: Yes! You can set up custom eligibility by region, district, school, or any other data field to ensure players find the applicable program(s) in their area.

  25. Q: What happens if a player plays up? 

    A: Admins can easily invite a player to any team, even one in a higher age grouping. A player who registers can also be placed into a different age group by an admin after registration.

  26. Q: Can you have a range for birth year / eligibility that is greater than one year? 

    A: Yes, admins can set the birth range for eligibility to span multiple calendar years.
  27. Q: We only want the waivers signed for certain programs, not on tryouts. Is this possible?
A: Yes, waivers and eSignatures can be setup by program/season.

  28. Q: Are parents able to resume a registration if they leave and didn’t finish?
A: Yes, the registration system is a cart-based system and the parent will be able to resume the registration the next time the login.

  29. Q: At what point is a registration order recorded and an incomplete registration created?

    A: Once someone has logged and begins a registration order, it is captured as an incomplete order. Admins have the ability to view all incomplete orders, see where the parent left off, and they can even resume the order if needed to assist.

  30. Q: Is there limit to the number of custom form questions?

    A: Nope :-) Go crazy!

  31. Q: Can you include on-screen messages/explanations for fields on the registration form?
A: Yes, you can add a ‘label’ anywhere on the form, or a ‘paragraph’ to explain in detail.


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