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  1. Q: What are the options to not sign the contract?

    A: Every organization who will be using the Demosphere system to register and/or card players will have to sign an Agreement with Demosphere before they will be granted Administrative access.

  2. Q: Can I set up registrations for $0 and manage dual systems - one for registrations and payments and the other for carding and rostering with Ohio North?

    A: Demosphere and Ohio North do not recommend the model of managing and supporting two separate systems as it is extremely cumbersome for parents and creates extra work for Club Admins. It also creates issues with duplicate data and having data out of sync between the Club and the State. If you have questions or concerns about using the Demosphere registration system for your Club, please contact us at

  3. Q: What is the cost to use the Demosphere system?

    A: The pre-negotiate rate for all Ohio North Members is 3.2% + $1/transaction.
 Note: there is a minimum fee of $3/registration for any organizations that choose not to process payments in the Demosphere system.
  4. Q: What is included in the 3.2% + $1 fee?

    A: This fee is the total bundled fee for the integrated Demosphere solution including unlimited support and training, data privacy and security, PCI compliance and all development for future product upgrades.You can view the bundled solution details via the Ohio North Member Tearsheet.
  5. Q: So does every transaction have a transaction fee? 

    A: Yes, the per transaction fee is charged for each transaction that is processed in the Demosphere system. One important note is that because Demosphere’s system is a cart-based system, parents have the ability to complete multiple registrations for siblings and/or ancillary programs on ONE order, which helps to reduce the number of transactions over time.

  6. Q: What is the Service Fee option? 

    A: This is an optional Demosphere feature that allows organizations to pass along 100% of Demosphere’s fee to the card holder at the time of registration. Alternatively, organizations can fold in the processing fees into the registration fee, create a custom fee as a separate line item to charge families a portion of the fee, and/or tie a small transaction fee to each installment to cover those fees. 

  7. Q: Do parents get charged the service fee if they elect to pay by check or cash?
A: No, the service fee is only charged for credit card transactions.

  8. Q: Can parents pay via eCheck?
A: Demosphere recently disabled this payment type because not only was it being used by less than 1% of the parents, it was also causing Clubs a lot of headaches with respect to situations of insufficient funds, over the limit transactions and reversed charges. We may consider turning this feature back on, on a case by case basis in the future.

  9. Q: Is there a reason to turn off a certain credit card as a payment type?

    A: Some organizations opt to turn off American Express as a payment type because it can be more expensive for end-users in the log run.

  10. Q: Is the Demosphere agreement with the Clubs or with Ohio North Youth Soccer?

    A: Both. Every organization that utilizes the Demosphere platform will be required to sign an agreement with Demosphere.

  11. Q: Will all the Stack website data be imported over?  

    A: No, no website content will be imported to the Demosphere system. Only player and staff data will be imported.

  12. Q: What is the fee for the website?

    A:  $50*/month hosting (*Pricing reflects a 50% discount for Ohio North Members). There will also be a one time setup fee for the graphic design (see tearsheets for details).

  13. Q: Is the Demosphere processing fees by player or by transaction
    A: The 3.2% + $1 per transaction is a per transaction fee. Remember, parents can register multiple children and/or for multiple programs on a single transaction, which helps to reduce your overall transaction fees.

  14. Q: Do payment plans incur transaction fees? 

    A: For each transaction processed within the Demosphere system, there is a $1 fee.

  15. Q: What do you accept credit card, debit card, echeck?

    A: The Demosphere system accepts all credit card types and all debit/prepaid cards.

  16. Q: What is the chargeback policy?

    A: When one of your members decides to challenge a charge made to their credit card, it is called a chargeback. Demosphere will automatically notify the Admin of the chargeback and provide reporting in the system to view the details of each chargeback. The admin will have a certain time period to provide any documentation needed to dispute the chargeback. Demosphere will dispute the chargeback on behalf of the organization.

  17. Q: On the parent’s billing statement, what does it say?

    A: The bank statement will have the Club’s unique descriptor and phone number. This helps cut down on the number of potential chargebacks from parents who may not recognize a charge on their card otherwise.

  18. Q: Do you have any hardware or a Point of Sale system to accept in-person payments via credit card
    A: Not currently, but this is something we are considering in the future. You do have the ability to record an external credit card payment into the Demosphere system if you already accept in-person payments. 

  19. Q: How often do you deposit and do you hold our money?

    A: Demosphere provides an option for weekly or tri-weekly deposits.

  20. Q: When can we get started?

    A: You can sign an agreement right away.  You will need to contact your Demosphere Account Executive or in order for them to send you the agreement for electronic signature. If you will be signing up for a Demosphere-hosted website, we can grant you login access to get started on the setup of that immediately. Online registration access will be granted later.

  21. Q: When you said admin access, when is that?

    A: Once the data import and admin dashboards have been configured to meet Ohio North needs, you will be granted access to set up online registration programs, ahead of tryouts.  If you would like to get started with a Demosphere website CMS system, that can be available today.

  22. Q: Is there a separate fee for Rec leagues to schedule leagues or tournaments?
A: The Rec League Scheduling and Tournament solution is included in the bundled rate for those organizations that process payments through the Demosphere registration system.

  23. Q: Hosting a tournament with team applications? What’s the cost? 

    A: The cost for the Tournament Scheduling platform for competitive clubs and league is $7 per team/per event.  The cost and features are provided in the Ohio North Member tear sheet.  If teams pay team application fees online, the bundled rate of 3.2% + $1 will apply.
  24. Q: If Demosphere hosts our Club's website is there a charge?
A: Yes, there is a charge for Demosphere to host your website.  Demosphere is providing 50% off of the website hosting to Ohio North customers for a reduced fee of $50 per month.  There will also be a one time design fee for the mobile responsive graphics.

  25. Q: Who is Demosphere’s processor? Is that our responsibility to set up or do you guys handle?
A: We handle 100% of the processing, including the setup, reporting and relationship. We are partnered with Braintree, which is a PayPal company. Everything is seamlessly integrated with the Demosphere platform.

  26. Q: What credit card types are accepted through you?

    A:  Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express and all debit cards
  27. Q: How about if you have a code given for a scholarship player and they go in and enter the code, do they still get charged a "processing" fee?

    A: The processing fee is only calculated based on the total amount due - so they won’t get charged for any discounts/credits
  28. Q: When we get to billing how do you handle chargebacks? What is that process?  Do you take the lead and handle payment disputes?

    A: If there is a chargeback issued, you will receive an automated email from the system, and the registration order in the household will be automatically updated. We will also handle the dispute process on your behalf if you choose to dispute it.

  29. Q: Is the $1 transaction fee per player, per program, per installment?
A: It is per transaction - meaning every time the credit card is charged. Keep in mind parents can register for multiple programs and/or multiple children on ONE transaction because it’s a cart-based system.

  30. Q: If someone pays by check or cash - is there still a fee?
A: No - the bundled rate is only charged on credit/debit orders.



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