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Household/Data Management

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Household/Data Management:

  1. Q: How does Demosphere keep parents from creating multiple accounts?
A: The Demosphere system has some built-in duplicate prevention measures such as requiring a unique email address for each user, looking up and preventing someone from creating a second account with the same email address, prompting users to select from a previous existing user and/or household if the system finds a match, etc. Ultimately, it’s impossible to prevent duplicates 100% of the time, so the Demosphere system also provides tools to easily merge duplicate accounts that may be created.

  2. Q: How do we clean up duplicates?

    A: The Demosphere system has merge tools to allow Admins to easily merge any duplicate people or households that may exist.

  3. Q: If a player changes clubs, I can only see what they did with my club, correct? 

    A: Correct - a Club Admin will only see the registration information for those registrations that occurred directly with their Club.

  4. Q: Can coaches have administrative authority to send invites? 

    A: Yes, you are able to create a user role with limited permissions for sending invitations to anyone who should have access.

  5. Q: Can you archive previous programs?

    A: Yes, any program within the system can be archived or unarchived at any time.

  6. Q: Can you sync data to Ohio North by age group?

    A: Yes, you have options to sync as little or as much data as needed.
  7. Q: How does your server code the timezone?

    A: Each organization will be setup based upon their specific time zone. Additionally, each game or event within the system will be based on the time zone for that specific location.

  8. Q: When a player has accepted a team invitation, can they then accept on behalf of another team too?
    A: This is technically possible within the Demosphere system, but there will be flags setup within the system if a player is in violation of any league rules or requirements.

  9. Q: Can I freeze people who are repeat offenders of not paying?
A: Yes, this is possible. You can also create a household debit that will force the family to pay that amount upon the next registration.

  10. Q: Can I provide a custom discount at the household level?
A: Yes, Admins have the ability to create custom discounts at the household level.

  11. Q: Does your system allow for multiple guardians?

    A: Yes, any household can have unlimited household administrators, with or without login access to the household.

  12. Q: With the tryout registration being separate from the actual invite registration, does that mean the system always retains all the tryout data?  Or, do you “move” players from the tryout program to the invite program and then lose their tryout record?

    A: Yes, the system will always retain that tryout registration data. When you invite a player to a team, that will create a new registration record for that player. You will have a complete history of every program for each player.

  13. Q: Can you run a report that shows the status of tryout offers, acceptances, declines?

    A: Yes - this can be done via the Report Builder tool by selecting the season and the invite statuses.

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