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Financial Management Features

You Asked, We Answered!

Financial Management Features:

  1. Q: Can you adjust installment dates and amounts for a specific family?
A: Yes, Admins can easily change the amounts, dates and number of installments for any registered family.

  2. Q: Can you add a Household debit for a family that owes money?

    A: Yes, you can easily create a debit for any family that owes your organization additional money for things like late fees, extra team fees, past due amounts, etc. Any household debit created will automatically go into the household’s cart and it must be paid at the time of the next registration (including a free tryout program).

  3. Q: Is there a way to send balance statements out to parents regarding how much they owe?

    A: Parents have full visibility into all of their household orders, including the balance due for each order. They will also receive automated emails from the Demosphere system to notify them off all upcoming payments, past due payments, failed payments and any adjustments and/or household debits that are made to their account. Additionally, Admins have the ability to filter on households that have a past due balance within the Communications Center to easily communicate with those households that owe money.

  4. Q: How often will we receive deposits for our processed transactions?

    A: Demosphere will deposit your net funds on a default schedule of once per week, with an option to receive funds tri-weekly on M/W/F. There is no additional cost for the tri-weekly option.

  5. Q: How does the system work if someone registers in October and the original installment date was June.  Do they get charged all the previous payments?

    A: This is flexible depending on how you want the system to behave. As an Admin, you have the ability to login and update the payment schedule and/or amount due at any time, without impacting anyone who has already registered. This allows you to consolidate the number of payments and/or the amount due part-way into the season. There is also an option to create time-dependent fees - this allows Admins to automatically reduce the registration fee(s) on a specific date/time as needed.

  6. Q: Can you adjust the number of installments for one family?

    A: Yes - Admins have full flexibility to adjust the number of installments, due dates and amounts for all households.

  7. Q: Can you offer discounts to families with multiple kids in the program?

    A: Yes - you can customize the discount as a dollar amount or a percentage off the total registration fee and you can also apply that discount to a minimum and/or maximum number of registrations.

  8. Q: Can we turn cash/check off as a payment option?

    A: Yes! And we would recommend this to help save your organization the time and hassle of chasing down payments, depositing checks and recording manual payments. Admins always have the ability to process cash/check payments on a case-by-case basis for specific families if needed.

  9. Q: If a participant processes a registration order can I as the admin provide a refund?

    A: Absolutely! Admins are able to process refunds right from the Demosphere system.

  10. Q: Can we provide financial aid to one family?

    A: Yes, financial aid can be granted on a case-by-case basis and/or you can allow your families to apply for financial aid online, including the collection of documentation.

  11. Q: Can you merge two payment schedules for two kids if they accept on two different dates (scenario: week 1 and week 2 for tryouts, so kid 1 accepts on week 1 and kid 2 accepts on week 2).
A: This feature has not yet been built within the Demosphere system, but great suggestion for future consideration!

  12. Q: Can you customize a multi-child discount so that it doesn’t apply to certain age groups?

    A: Yes, you can decide which of your fees are “discountable” - if you don’t want certain fees to be discountable, you would simply uncheck this option on that fee.

  13. Q: Can I add tournament fee to an account or to a team?

    A: Yes, Admins can create and bind custom team fees to teams directly to ensure the appropriate fees are charged to each player who is accepting a team invitation. Admins can also add any outstanding fees directly to a household for a specific player.

  14. Q: If someone volunteers can I offer a discount?
A: Yes, Admins can either create a discount code to be entered during registration, or create a specific household discount, or provide a refund or adjustment post-registration.

  15. Q: Can I tie a discount to a specific season?

    A: Admins can create unlimited custom discount codes in the Demosphere registration system for any season or any household for giving discounts for things like: team-specific discounts, scholarships, hardship requests, special promotional discounts, coaching discounts, early bird discount etc.  

  16. Q: Can I add a tournament fee?  Will it be added to a payment plan?

    A: Admins can create and bind custom fees to teams directly to ensure the appropriate fees are charged to each player who is accepting a team invitation. You have the option to include them as part of the payment plan for that season. 

  17. Q: If you have a player join after a payment date has passed, does it catch them up if they have had payments skipped?
A: As an admin you actually have the ability to adjust the payment dates for any/all of your plans without affecting anyone who has already registered. You can create time dependent fees to reduce the amount due on a certain date/time. And you can also edit the number of payments or the due dates of payments without affecting those who have already registered.

  18. Q: Do the financial reports show payments by player and/or family?  What about by team?
A: The financial reports can be viewed by team and by player and by family. Very granular reporting and filtering.

  19. Q: What happens if parents can't pay the installment given...can they pay less then what is due?

    A: Only if you allow them to as an admin - they will otherwise have to pay the full amount due.

  20. Q: Do the financial reports show amounts both gross and net of the processing fees?

    A: Absolutely! Very transparent. The deposit detail report will show you the gross amount, the fees assessed, any refunds, chargebacks, and the net amount deposited for each date

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