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  1. Q: Is there text messaging?

    A: Because text messages incur a separate fee, Demosphere provides an included mobile app with push notifications at no extra cost for teams, team staff, parents, players and referees. There will also be an option in the near future to add-on text message capabilities.

  2. Q: Can you add attachment to emails?

    A: To ensure deliverability of broadcast emails, it’s important that any files are uploaded to the Demosphere system and linked within the email, instead of being attached to the email itself. This will ensure your messages aren’t marked as spam and are delivered in a timely fashion.

  3. Q: Do you have an app for team communication?
A: Yes. Demosphere provides an integrated app for team communication, calendars, events, availability tracking and rosters. Additionally, we are launching a new, updated mobile app in June.

  4. Q: Can you set permissions to give team admins and coaches access to just their team's data/registrations?

    A:  Yes! Through both the dashboard and the mobile app. You can even give them access to see the status of the team invitations as players are accepting and registering

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