Kentucky Club Webinar FAQs

You Asked, We Answered!

  1. Q: Can you allow a late registration if someone tries to register after registration closes?  If so, can you associate a fee with that?
    A: Yes - you have two options: you can either set up an auto-late fee to start on a specific date or, you can always break the rules as an Admin and assist with the registration.
  2. Q: What if the parents want to pay with a check rather than a credit card?
    A: That is an option if you allow it. You also have an option to set up payment plans for those paying by check, but if you do that, we would recommend you charge a fee to parents for installment plans since that is a lot of work to chase down payments and deal with paper checks and deposits.
  3. Q: Can we download the data and attached documents (ie birth certificate, picture) from our current system?
    A: As part of the onboarding process for KY Youth Soccer, we are planning to import all of the data that is currently in the State system. That will include age verifications and risk management statuses. it will not include the actual documents, but, we will show you how easy it is for parents to upload and manage the photos during registration. With the age verification flag, parents will not have to re-upload birth certificates. And most importantly, the photos that parents upload during registration will sync right up to KY Youth Soccer for player passes/IDs!
  4. Q: We have a discount for 3rd, 4th, 5th child, etc?  Can this be set up?
    A: Definitely! If you saw those min/max fields on the discount screen during the demo, that is where you control that. You can have different discount levels for each child if desired.
  5. Q: How do you dual roster a player? And put coaches on multiple teams?
    A: You have the ability to select an existing registered player to place them on a new team and the same for a coach. So, they can either register twice, be invited to two teams, OR be manually added by an Admin.
  6. Q: From a standpoint of fees, if we dual roster players are we charged any sort of flat fee (because dual roster kid may not pay)
    A: There is no fee for a dual rostered player from Demosphere. If you charge the player an additional fee for playing on two teams, there would be associated processing fees for those transactions. With this said, you may want to connect with the KY Youth Soccer about any other implications related to dual rostered players within the state association.
  7. Q: Is there a function to randomly draw teams? While adding constraints to the random draw?
    A: There are a few recommended options for building teams: 1) you have the ability to expose "the previous team" from any prior season to help filter and drag multiple players back on to a previous team, 2) there is an automatic "return to team" function that will have the system auto-roster players back on to their previous team from any prior season, and 3) you can choose which filters to apply to drag and drop team building such as by school, grade, zipcode, player rating, etc.
  8. Q: Can you auto-roster based on other criteria? example: school
    A: The best way to accomplish this presently is to filter on the players' school and drag all players in bulk onto the various teams in which they'll play.
  9. Q: Is the e-signature available to use on custom forms as well?
    A: Yes, you can use e-sign on any custom form. You can have multiple forms for any program/season.
  10. Q: Can we give a credit to certain volunteers (i.e. team manager, coach)?
    A: Yes! You can give a credit to specific volunteers. There are ways to do this via codes and there are additional credit options at the household level so you can ensure the credits are begin given to the desired households.
  11. Q: How are the credit card payments collected? Does the club give a bank account for the payments to be deposited to?
    A: Yes! When you sign an agreement with Demosphere, you will provide your bank details. We will process a test debit/credit to the account to confirm the account. Once you start processing payments, we deposit your funds directly into your account on a weekly or tri-weekly basis. Weekly is the default deposit schedule (processed Wednesdays), but you have the option to select tri-weekly if preferred (processed Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays)
  12. Q: Are there issues with blended families?  For example, my spouse and I have a kid, but my spouse and ex have a child.  Can my spouse see both kids tied to him, but I only see my child's info?  We have parents who get stressed over that.
    A: As you can imagine, blended families and what works best for them may be dependent on each family. In your example, your spouse can be members of two households, one with your child, one with his second child with his ex. Alternatively, in a blended family with three parents, each parent can be an admin of the household, so all three can receive communication about the child and the program the child is registered for. Each parent/admin has their own unique user-name and password.
  13. Q: Can the practices be managed from the admin/club level instead of at the team level?
    A: We do have a separate practice module, but we should talk directly with you regarding your workflow and needs. We have some newer tools coming out in this area that will be available later this year as well. We'll make a note and reach out to you directly.
  14. Q: Are there any fees for the club if we allow parents to pay with the credit card?
    A: You can view the fees Demosphere charges for our solution via the KY Youth Soccer Member tearsheet here. This would include the CC processing as well. One note: you have the option to cover these fees through the Club, or you can pass these fees onto the parents at the time of registration - it's your choice.
  15. Q: Do you all use a third party for payments or is this all done via Demosphere?
    A: Our system is integrated with Braintree, which is a PayPal company and we manage the merchant account process 100% on your behalf, including all setup, reporting, deposits, refunds, chargebacks, etc.
  16. Q: Are we charged for scholarships or people who pay by check?  I'm not sure if those are considered "transactions" or we're just talking credit card transactions.
    A: We do not charge a fee for scholarships or financial aid awards. The processing fee referenced in the tearsheet pertains only to online payments.
  17. Q: Is there a scheduling piece with this system?
    A: Definitely! Fully integrated as well.
  18. Q: Will we have access to training on that? Training videos, etc
    A: Yes, Demosphere does provide training on league scheduling. Stay tuned for more info on that piece - it will take place after registrations for the Fall seasons are all setup and underway.
  19. Q: When can we get access to the scheduling system?
    A: Please contact and your Account Executive will respond to you to discuss in more detail.
  20. Q: Do we have access to any sort of test system?
    A: We are in the process of setting up all the accounts for Kentucky Youth Soccer Clubs. Each Club that chooses to use the Demosphere system for registration and/or scheduling will need to sign an agreement with Demosphere. From there, we'll be able to provide training, support and admin access to the system.
  21. Q: Also, is the scheduling and website piece included or separate cost?
    A: Pre-negotiated pricing details for Kentucky Youth Soccer Clubs are included here.
  22. Q: Do you have a referee assigning tool?
    A: Yes! We're excited to show you that! It's one of our newest tools and is fully integrated with the league scheduling solution. The cost is $0.50 per assignment and it is listed on the tearsheet linked above.